🔥 Overview Of 123Series | Top 10 Alternatives Of 123 Series

Watching movies for free in high quality isn’t a fantasy anymore because of online streaming websites, including 123 Series. You can watch newly released movies and series on this platform from highly paid sites.

123Series is a pirated streaming website with the latest movies of almost all categories, dubbed and subbed for Free. A library of series is listed on this illegal website.

Due to having illegitimate data on their site and promoting it to a great extent, The governments of many countries just block this torrent website.

It is because the work this website publicizes didn’t have any concern to the owner of movies and series, and that’s why their rating just dropped because of diverting audience to these free websites like 123 series.

That’s why ISP consider these visits to piracy websites illicit and take down their rankings or restrict them properly. So, That’s the root of evil which makes 123 websites turned off.

Don’t worry if you’re a regular user of this site. We’ll share several incredible methods through which you can enjoy the movies on this site.

Want to know further details about this breathtaking website?

Read till the end to know why this website is illegal!

Why Is 123Series Illegal?

123 series is illegal because it is spreading its name by an illegitimate act. As we know, It is a piracy website that gathers data from highly extravagant platforms without taking their authorization and places it for free for its user.

This brings fame to the 123 series, but the owner of these films doesn’t get any benefits from your viewings, and that’s why this way of watching and uploading content is strictly prohibited and considered an unlawful act.

Many ISPs of different countries restrict these kinds of websites that store streaming data, and the IP address of many users get banned while using websites like the 123 series.

As the 123 series is also one of them, that is why it is also illegitimate.

How To Watch Movies On 123Series?

Although this website isn’t legal, But you can still watch unlimited Hollywood, Bollywood, South Asian, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Soap, and Romantic movies and series here in high quality and dubbing. All you have to do is, Follow the given explained methods.

Use VPN To Get Connected To 123Series– Too Safe For Audience!

A great way to watch movies illegally is to enable a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) and start using these websites without any restrictions.

VPN is the proxy that has the capability to change your location and save your IP address from getting banned.

Here we have placed the best VPN for the 123 series.

  1. IP Vanish: It is the best VPN for illegal websites through which you can protect your privacy, and their customer support is available 24/7.
  2. Cyber-Ghost: Through this VPN, you can hide your appearance even from your ISP, so you can join any website you want.
  3. NordVPN: One of the most incredible VPNs is “NordVPN” through which you can analyze whether this file has malware virus or not. And it’ll also encrypt your private data efficiently.

Download The APK Mobile App Of 123Series– User-Friendly Method!

Another great feature of the 123 series is that you can enjoy the same amazing collection of movies and TV shows on the APK application sorted by the 123 series, which is a great source of watching favorite movies after the restriction on the official website. All the users of Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Rokus, and Amazon Firesticks can download this amazing

APK app of 123-Series into their devices by following the instructions from the website we’ve linked here.

Moreover, you’ll be astounded by knowing that they update their library on a daily basis, and that’s why new and latest movies and series will be strolling over the page.

You’ll get the categorized content through this application, and the data is subdivided here from which it becomes very easy to get the list of all those kinds of movies you’re searching for. 

Some other features of this application are,

  • You don’t have to get Resister here.
  • They provide a Free download.
  • Enjoy different games by connecting to this application.
  • The best of all feature is that Third-party advertising is not allowed in this app.

Visit The Active URLs Of 123-Series– Having Same Content For Its Users!

As this website is no longer on the SERP, that’s why they have shifted their data to the different domains completely and redirected their audience to these active URLs. By following this method, their popularity scale doesn’t decrease to the next level, and a huge chunk is diverted to these platforms.

However, the security level is no more effective as these sites bring several ads while playing and downloading movies that have inappropriate data, especially for children under 18, and have the ability to get access to your private details, which can be misused then.

It’s upto you whether you want to get linked to the 123 series via active links or not.

If yes, Then here we’ve merged almost all the URLs for your ease.


Is The 123 Series Safe To Use?

No! It isn’t safe to watch movies on pirate websites because the official website is banned, and there are further proxy and mirror site that is working under the name of this site, and no one can report them because they are watching illegal stuff on their own.

These active urls have displayed different inappropriate ads that take the user to different unusual sites from where the chances of getting malware viruses into your device increase too much.

A malicious virus on your device can take your data out of your control. That’s why the 123 Series isn’t safe to use.

Top 10 Alternatives Of 123-Series

1. YesMovies.ag

One of the great substitutions of the 123-series is the “YesMovies”, where you can enjoy the number of features summed up in one frame. They provide high-quality data to their users, and that’s why a huge chunk is converted to this online pirated platform.


The movies are really easy to filter so that you can get the movies of your taste and without wasting time can get start your TV show. All above that, the content they provide is totally free, so you can watch a newly released movie without paying.

2. 123Movies

There’s always confusion about the 123 series and 123 movies, These are two different platforms having different content but we can categorize them under the same sheet. The basic purpose of this site is also to provide free high-quality streamed data for its users like that of 123-series.ru


You can have ads-free movies in huge numbers and these series are classified in an amazing way so that it becomes too much easy to find your movie as soon as you want.

3. Soap2Day

It is impractical to list the best alternatives of the 123 series and forget about Soap2Day. Because it has all those functions that you need to watch a movie online in a chilling environment. You can watch unlimited series without getting disturbed by the ads in high quality.


All the released movies/series from efficient paid platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney are free here. So go and grab your movie now!

4. SeriesOnline.ip

SeriesOnline is also an astonishing platform where you can have movies that are categorized according to Country, Genre, Top IMDB, TVshows and Movies.


This feature will make you filter the movie according to your taste So go and start watching now!

5. Vumoo

Another amazing source for watching series and movies for free is “Vumoo”, where a number of shows are located in multiple languages so that audiences from worldwide can enjoy them in their leisure time.


Most Hollywood movies are compiled here, along with the choice of Quality so that you can select and begin their viewings.

6. Rainierland

Ranierland is also a wonderful source of enjoying movies for free and is a great replacement for the 123 series. The series from NetFlix and many other high-paying platforms are waiting for you at rainierland.


7. CmoviesHD

The series and movies stored at Cmovies are mind-blowing and are an amazing substitution for this discussion website. You can watch the latest movies in full HD with fewer ads and free of cost so that users can enjoy them without getting undistracted.


All the latest movies are available on this pirated website. Get your popcorn, sit back and start your favourite movie now!

8. KatmovieHD

A highly recommended and user-friendly website is KatmovieHD, where you can watch all the seasons of NetFlix and other authentic sources easily. The feature of this torrent website is that you can download movies and shows offline into your device. That’s why this website is considered the best substitution for the 123 series.


9. Fmovies

Watching movies online on a platform of excellent quality without getting disturbed by ads for free is Fmovies. A lavish alternative to 123-Series. The best feature of this pirate


Website is that they have classified the data in a well mannered way so that it becomes so nice and fast to get your searching movie.

10. Afdah-Movies

A platform for old ones having movies of their time and the content for children having cartoons is “AfdahMovies,” Download movies with just fewer clicks. You’ll get Movies year-wise, Action, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Hollywood, and Bollywood Movies in high quality.


So, Let’s check these streamed movies without wasting time!

Hope So, You’ve got your favorite platform for watching and starting your best movie show.

Want to know their online presence on Twitter? Check the article below!

Does 123-series.ru have Twitter Account?

Yes, they do! There’s an official account of 123-series where they update their audience with every useful information like that of the mirror websites and so on.

It also increases their value on the online working system so that they are safe enough to discuss on oline platforms like forums and Twitter. Here we’re going to insert the link to the

 Official Twitter account of 123Series. Go and explore this site!

Our Final Thoughts:

123-Series is a great source of amusement where you can watch unlimited movies and tv series in the dubbing of different languages, and the high-quality full HD data is streamed for you from the paid platforms. That’s why this website is illegitimate and is banned by governments of many countries.

But don’t get worried; we’ve explained all the easiest ways to get connected to this website without getting caught by ISPs.

So what are you waiting for? Go and watch your favourite movie right now!