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Anime is a great mark of attention nowadays in the whole world, and almost everyone is taking an interest in them. If you are one who wants to watch a new episode of anime every weekend for free, Then Chree-Up! Because you’ve landed on the right page. Because here, We’re going to share the most incredible website which will fulfill all your requirements.

4Ainme is the best platform to watch unlimited Subbed and Dubbed anime shows in HD quality for absolutely free. However, The ads can redirect you to unusual sites.

Yes! 4Anime is a great source of enjoying anime Shows, Movies, Manga, and Comics in a huge library of genres without paying a single penny.

Isn’t it a great site? Now you can amuse yourself with the most latest and even upcoming anime shows if you’ve switched to the 4anime. The Quality they provide is also worth taking.

You’ll definitely enjoy the shows here. But the Security of your data isn’t pleased by the 4anime, and that’s why you’ve to take some safety precautions before taking a visit here.

This website is basically grabbing content from other authentic platforms and posting it without taking the permission of the original producers of the show, and that’s why it is considered a torrent website.

But overall, the safety of this website is really trustworthy, as you can see on Scamadviser – One of the best scam detectors.

4anime reviews

Although, This site is the dreamland of anime lovers, But you must have to check the stats of all the piracy websites before navigating over there. Don’t worry; We’re here to tell you their traffic engagement rating from the past few months.

They’ve got a decline in traffic which is upto 6% from the previous three months. Also, The Sum of all visits on desktop and mobile from the last month of 4anime is mentioned as up to 237.7K, and the Bounce rate becomes almost 50% according to Similarweb.

4anime traffic analysis

So, Here’s the overview of the torrent website named 4anime. As we’ve mentioned, This website is not secure enough as it seems to be; that’s why you must have to take some precautions before visiting here. Don’t get panic; We’ll discuss some best cautions here, Which will remove every slight chance of getting scammed. So, Stay with us!

What Precautions Should We Use Before Visiting Over the 4anime?

First, Download the VPN and Encrypt Your Private Data Now!

Also, Some countries are so harsh about Copyrighted stuff, and some of them take such acts very easily. So, VPN will switch your location to that specific place where the laws aren’t strict enough, and thus, You can enjoy it freely. Some of the Top-notched VPNs are marked here for you guys. Feel Free to explore and install any of them!

Install the Anti-Virus to Keep the Phishing Viruses Away From Your Device While Visiting 4anime:

Anti-Virus, as specified from the name, It’ll keep the bugs and dangerous viruses away from the device and thus help secure your data. Some torrent websites bring viruses by popping ads and cookies, which they use for spyware attacks amd other cyber crimes. So, Download one of the anti-viruses we’ve compiled here! ,,,

Use the Ad-Blocker to Stop them from popping up while watching 4anime:

Ad -Blockers also work amazingly for security purposes because the evil root of malicious viruses is teh ads, which bring such bugs to your device. Also, the Agreement of cookies also allows the attackers to get access to your device. 

This is why Ad0blocker will work as a shield-maiden and will stop irrelevant pop-ups. Here, we’ve inserted the link to the best ad blockers. Download them and Enjoy watching anime without any disturbance!

How to Watch Anime Shows on 4anime?

As you’ve installed the cautions to encrypt your data, then let’s move towards the next step, which is explaining the whole procedure of watching anime shows on 4anime. You can simply browse for it, and there’s no need for registration to get started your broadcasting However, you do sign-up here for your satisfaction here.

Read on! Because we’ve inserted the Link to the Site of 4anime, So you can watch your favorite shows here. But there are some other methods also which we’ve explained very well.

Download the APK App of 4anime:

The 4anime has made a great appearance in the online world which is a great point for the audience of this torrent website. Where you can have the same content as that of the official website of 4anime, with even more features. As mentioned here!

  1. Unlimited series, shows, movies, and episodes of anime are streamed.
  2. The interface is very simple so that every beginner can enjoy their favorite show here.
  3. You’ll get the content in HD quality.
  4. English dubbing and subtitles are also featured on apk 4anime.
  5. Almost, All types of the genre are present. So grab the one which you’re craving.

Here’s the Link to the site from which you can simply download the file of the 

APK App Of 4anime. Click the link now!

Switch to the Proxy Websites of the 4anime:

Proxy websites are those websites that have the full authority to post and share content from the official website. Mostly, Pirated websites are familiar with such planning because it is a great technique for them to get connect with their audience. That’s why 4anime also has proxy urls which we’ve listed here. Check Them out!


The interface and the way of operating a site is the whole thing that matters only in grabbing the audience, which is highly followed by the 4anime as they’ve assembled the content into their most relevant section. That’s how you can simply click over the filters you want while searching your show, and it can save you time. 

Here you’ll see “Genre,” “Movies,” “Shows,” and “Random” over the Home Page.

The “Genre” is extremely vast over 4anime.

ThrillerTV animated showsPolitics
WarWesternScience Fiction

Best 5 Alternatives Of 4anime– Never Miss The 3rd One!

Switching towards the Substitutions is another option if you don’t have access to the official website of the 4anime. You can watch action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, and much more on these sites.

But make sure you’ve covered your data completely by using the security features explained above. Here, We tried our best to compile one of the alternatives of the 4anime. So check them out.

1. Anime-Planet

One of the excellent replacement for the 4anime is the anime-planet which is safe, legit, and secure. This is because anime-planet has teh partnership with Crunchyroll– Which is a legal platform, and that’s why they’ve given permission to upload their anime shows. So, Nobody can do anything except the enjoying teh latest and most HD anime shows in many genres.


You can watch many varieties of anime movies, series, famous episodes, and much more. Reading manga is also an option here. They have stored almost 45000 of shows here. So, What are you waiting for? The link has been inserted here, Click the link and Enjoy your favorite show now!

2. 9anime

Another great alternative to 4anime is the 9anime which has much more relevance to each other. You can have the Content in Crystal Quality on this site. Also, the interface they’ve made is amazing, but no doubt, It’s also a torrent website having streamed content.


The 9anime also focuses the Dubbing along with subtitles in English, Hindi, and other languages. Feel easy to click the link we’ve inserted here!

3. Kitsu

It is impossible to list the substitution of 4anime and forget about the Kitsu because it is an incredible source of enjoying anime for free. You can have the most rated and highest popular shows here in HD quality.


4. KissAnime

Another top-notched substitution of the 4anime is the Kissanime which is very popular among anime lovers. If you’re the one, Who doesn’t know about it, Then calm down! And take a look here.


The best feature of this site is, They have made the UI next-level by adding a number of filters and sections. So, the user simply puts the data and gets the result they want. Also, you can have action, horror, comedy, adventure, and many other genres here. The site has been linked here!

5. AnimeFlix

Last but not least, Animeflix is a wonderful source to watch anime for free without paying anything from your home. You can have a great library of Anime seasons, Movies, Shows, and Dramas in action, adventure, Horror, Comedy, and many others. 


They’ve pointed out the “Trending shows” separately. And Don’t get worried about the Quality of the content, as they stream high-quality data. Enjoy the site from the link we’ve inserted here.

Hope So, You’ve got the best way to watch the anime. What are you waiting for, then? 

Grab your popcorn and start watching now!


No! This website is streaming anime stuff from legit platforms without their permission, and they don’t have a license from the government; that’s why this website is sneaking the content, which is considered Copyrighting, and many countries just punish both the uploaders and viewers for this unethical act. 

On the other hand, regions really don’t care, or the laws there aren’t followed efficiently. That’s why you can switch to that location by simply using the VPN, as we’ve mentioned above. And thus, No one will tell you anything.

2. Is 4anime Active?

It depends upon the region You’re living because, in some countries, it is active However, the same site is banned in other countries due to differences in the level of restrictions. But due to a number of complaints from the authentic owners of the anime show, Google has taken the authority to stop them and break the chain of copyrighting. That’s why it is active and down at the same time.

3. Is 4anime Safe?

As a personal adviser, No! Don’t use any kind of free torrent platform without having a backup plan. Although the scam adviser has approved this site as really good, the ads here are extremely bad and are spreading nudity. That’s why you must use an ad-blocker before opening this site. As we’ve experienced redirection to the other pages from 4anime.

So, we really don’t recommend using it without having a security plan and are claiming it is “Unsafe” for beginners and children. Also, these ads must contain malware viruses, and if not, then there’ll be not a single chance of getting attacked by the error. That’s why, Download the VPN, Ad-Blocker, or Anti-Virus from the links we’ve pasted above.

4. Does 4anime have Official Social Accounts?

Yes, It does! 4anime has its official accounts on so many platforms, which makes it very easy for users to get updated on every single and minor change they’ve made. You can contact them and share your issues with them, also. Here are some of the links t these platforms. Take a look there!

They also have a Discord channel which you can access by simply searching for it.

Our Final Thoughts About 4anime:

4anime is the torrent site that streams a great collection of anime shows of almost every category with dubbing and subtitles in English and other languages, without aunty cost. Also, the Quality they provide is next-level, But the Ads can distract you at unusual pages.

So, If you want to avoid any redirection to such unethical sites, Then Download the above-given VPN, Ad-Blocker, or Anti-Virus. You can also switch to their APK app, Proxy websites, and alternatives of 4anime to watch newly released anime shows.