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Watching anime is really peaceful for its true lovers, and that’s why a site that has an amazing unlimited collection of anime is nothing less than a blessing for them. That’s why we’re here to put forward another amazing website that is full of anime movies and series of extremely good quality.

9anime is one of the best torrent anime sites, which streams anime in HD quality with an unlimited library along with next-level safety.

Yes! Safety is the first procedure of this piracy website which is promised and fulfilled amazingly. You can also enjoy anime of every category, including Action, Soap, Comedy, Fantasy, and much more. 

However, this site copies the content of other platforms, which is highly illicit in many countries, including the United States.

However, some countries don’t have any effect over posting copyright stuff, so basically, it depends on your country’s rules and regulations.

But Overall, the website is totally free and safe to use. As you can see from the scamadviser, The trust score is very safe and highly acceptable. So you can watch content here without having a fear of getting hacked or any spyware attack. 

Also, the Traffic engagement rate has improved upto 30%, which is a great step toward their success. And you can see the view rates of the previous month as well on the SimilarWeb.

They’ve 63.6M Total views. Isn’t it a great thing?

But besides all these positive points, Here’s a thing. Whatever features this site holds, 9anime is a torrent website that is sneaking the content of others who have full authority to present the anime. 

And that’s why due to uploading the paid content of others for free, many authorized platforms reported this torrent website for their crime. Due to this, Google has to take action against this website. So, If you’re not getting teh access to this torrent website in your region., Then this is the backend reason. 

But, Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you some amazing ways to get access to 9anime without any threat.

Which Precautions Should We Need Before Visiting 9Anime? (Never Miss The 3rd One!)

Before discussing how you can watch movies over 9anime, We want to discuss some cautions which will make your visit and broadcasting much safer and more trustworthy over 9anime. So Read and Must apply them whenever you’re using torrent, No matter how secure this site is.

1. By Installing A VPN, There’ll Be No Worry

Precautions Should We Need Before Visiting 9anime
source: dashtech

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best way to enjoy the anime without getting distracted by security issues. Because It will help in keeping harmful bugs and viruses away from your device. 

Also, In some countries, torrent websites are strictly prohibited and even by having such restrictions, If anyone uses or uploads pirated content, Then they can face harsh reactions from the governments. 

On the other hand, there are those countries that have nothing to do with such acts or the law here isn’t followed properly. 

That’s why VPN will switch your location to that specific region where watching and uploading pirated content isn’t a big deal. Here, We’ve compiled some top-notched VPNs for your use. Feel Free to click over them!

2. Download The Ad-Blockers

Download The Ad-Blockers
source: getadblock

The ad blockers are specifically made to keep malicious ads and pop-ups away from your device. Although they promised not to show ads that’ll have phishing viruses or that’ll redirect you to unusual pages, but we all know that

“Precautions are better than cure”

So, install the ad-blockers from the link we’ve pasted here and start watching your favorite anime show now!

These are some methods from which you can enjoy your broadcasting without any threat of getting scammed by hackers.

How To Watch Anime Shows On 9Anime?

Here are some amazing ways of watching a huge collection of anime shows. So that you can watch safely and can spend hours on this torrent website. So what are you waiting for? Go and Check them out Now!

1. Switch To The Proxy Websites

Switch To The Proxy Websites
source: hostinger

Proxy websites are basically the back-up plan for any torrent website which has full authority to present its content. The purpose of making a proxy website is that, The audience won’t get bored or away from their website if the official website gets struck by search engines.


2. Download The APK App of 9Anime

Download The APK App of 9Anime
source: digitalmagazine

Although this website is not legitimate but is secure, and they’ve made up a great online presence. As you can have an application of 9anime on the Google Play store where you can have the exact same content as that of their official website; even more features are installed here. Let me introduce these amazing characteristics of 9anime.

  • The UI is so simple and easy that anyone can explore it, which is why it is very User-Friendly.
  • You can have English Subbed and dubbed over almost all the Anime Shows.
  • Most Latest and most liked Anime Seasons are here for the audience.
  • Upcoming shows are also scheduled on this application which keeps them updated.
  • A huge collection of genres is assorted here, which makes users so excited about their favorite types of shows.

These we some Key features of this application might be every anime fan will want to have. Lastly, Here we’re going to insert the Link to the APK App of 9anime from Google Playstore. So that, You don’t have to get exhausted in search of this application.

Categorization Of 9anime

9anime has incredible techniques for making this website very user-effective, from which categorization of data is the most important one. You can have a number of filters that makes this website of great concern to the audience.

These Filters include the following sections.

Genre–In Which All Types Of Anime Movies, Seasons, And Shows Are Assembled


Classifications According To Year Wise


Also, Countrywise, Languages, Seasonal, Movies, TV series, OVA, ONA, Special, and Music, Status are the options which are roaming over the home page.

Top 5 Alternatives Of 9Anime

1. GoGo Anime

One of the best alternatives to 9anime is the GoGo anime where you can have the same kind of content in HD quality. They also make the interface very simple and easy for their users to navigate and explore. You can have amazing categorization here.

The Dubbing is also a feature here which makes their broadcasting much more amusing. A link to the official site of gogo anime is inserted here for you guys, Go and Explore it!

2. Anime Hero

Another best substitution for 9anime is the Anime Hero where you can have most latest and upcoming anime movies and shows. No doubt, These sites are also pirated and the content here is sneaked from legit sources.

So make sure to use VPN before navigating here. Also, You can have Horror, Action, Adventure, and many other kinds of shows here.

3. Kitsu

Kitsu is a great substitution for the 9anime where you can have highest rated and most popular anime shows. The dubbing is also available here. All the content is in HD quality and for free same as that of 9anime. So, Click the link and Enjoy!

4. Anime-Planet

Astonishing alternative having 45000 plus anime shows in crystal quality along with manga and comics present at the anime-planet. The genre is very vast so you can select the one which intrigues you the most.

You can watch unlimited movies here because it has a partnership with Crunchyroll which is a legit platform. The link to this website is here for you, Click and Get Amuse!

5. Kissanime

Lastly, Kissanime is the replacement that we decide to put include it mustly. The interface of this site is very relevant to 9anime and that’s why a lot of chunk of the audience is attracted to this torrent website.

As you can see, They have a specific way of categorization which ranks this site in top notched anime sites. You can have manga also here. Feel free to click the link we’ve inserted here!


No! 9anime isn’t a legal website because they are simply streaming content from authorized platforms even though they don’t have any official note from the government or license. 

This is why it is considered copyright stuff and is not allowed in many countries. 

However, Some regions don’t take notice of such websites seriously, and That’s why by using the cautions we’ve explained above, You can enjoy the fascinating show safely.

2. Is 9anime Safe?

Yes! 9anime is totally safe to use as there’ll be no phishing and malware ads popping up here. This is why your data is encrypted and no one can do anything with it. But as this website is illegitimate, Thats why using VPN, Anti-Virus, or Ad-Blocker will remove every single chance of getting hacked.

3. Does 9anime Have Official Social Accounts?

Yes, It Does! 9animes has an incredible online presence where they update their audience with  every single update they make. You can have their Official Twitter account and Official Facebook account here.


Summing up the lines.

9anime is the best free platform for watching all kinds of Dubbed and Subbed anime shows in HD quality for completely free. Although this is a torrent website but totally safe to use.

However, You can make your visit much more secure here by following the techniques we’ve compiled for you guys. So, Must take a look above!

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