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Anime is also one of the best things which grabs the attention of most of the audience nowadays. And that’s why many websites have started to stream the most famous shows and movies. If you’re also seeking a platform to watch movies of such categories, Then Read Till the end!

Anime-Planet is one of the safest and free platforms where you can watch almost 45,000 streamed animes and movies Or you can read manga and one-shots in HD quality.

As we’ve mentioned, They have an amazing and huge library of all types of genres which makes this website a great source of attention for the fans. You can also enjoy many movies and shows according to your taste on this website. 

Now let’s talk about the safety feature of anime-planet because a lot of anime lovers want to know this factor of this site. For those, The given information is assembled here. Take a look, then!

You’ll be glad to know that, Anime-Planet is totally safe to use because they have contracted a partnership plan with Crunchyroll, which is a legitimate platform having subscriptions and plans to present their content. 

But both of them have agreed on a plan in which Anime-Planet is going to stream their content, and they play it for free. That’s why This incredible website has proven as a blessing for the anime fan club. That’s why The trustscore in the Scamadviser is very appreciable, as you can see here.

One of the other source of fame of this website is that The UI is really optimized, which make it much easier for the user to get to the exact movie or episode, They’re searching for.

They’ve installed some filters like The division of categories which creates a lot of engagement with the audience. As you guys can see from the  SimilarWeb, the traffic grabbing rate has increased upto 12% as compared to the last month.

Although the Total visits have boosted upto 12.4M, which is a great success in the Online world. But Still, we have to use precautions to avoid every slight chance of getting hacked. 

Also, this website is restricted in some countries like India because of less fan following from that region which is a kind of problem for the little but huge buffs of anime content. 

No doubt they’ve promised not to show you ads, but you’ll see some irrelevant ads popping -up here that can redirect you to unsafe pages. So, Read on as we’ve explained all the minor details very efficiently.

How To Watch Anime Safely On Anime-Planet?

Basically, You can browse the Anime-Planet and can have this site to enjoy, but for the ease of our audience, We’ve inserted a direct link to the Official Website Of Anime-Planet from where you can enjoy your favourite manga, anime movie, and much more!

But wait a minute. Have you installed the VPN or any security manager yet? If No, then Let me introduce some amazing solutions to you!

1. Download The VPN Before Visiting Anime-Planet

Before visiting this website, make sure you’ve installed the VPN (Virtual Private Network) because it’ll encrypt your private data and will switch to that specific location where Anime-Planet is fully allowed and free to use. Also, it’ll keep malicious viruses away from your device and server. So, here we’ve tried to put together some best VPNs that’ll work best for you.

2. Install The Ad-Blocker To Remove Ads And Play Safe

Installing an ad blocker is an incredible way to enjoy your broadcasting without any kind of interruption or threat of getting bugs into your device. Mostly the ads over torrent or pirate websites take information about your IP address by showing cookies or pop-ups. And then any severe error can occur. 

That’s why it is important to download the Ad-Blocker to your device to secure your data from such phishing viruses. 

Here we’ve listed some of the best ad blockers for you guys to install.

Categorization Of Content Over Anime-Planet

A great thing about this website which makes it the world’s number one free anime site, Is the Interface which is made so Manageably and stores a huge variety of content according to their relevant category. That’s why the audience loved to broadcast here.

Basically, On the Home page, You’ll have the options of Anime, Manga, Characters, and Communities in which all the varieties are installed efficiently.

However, In “Anime”, you’ll see

  1. Anime Season Chart.
  2. Watch Anime Online.
  3. Anie Recommendations.
  4. Browse all Anime.
  5. Top Anime List.

Likewise, In the category “Manga”, You’ll have

  1. Read Manga Online.
  2. Manga Recommendations.
  3. Browse all Manga.
  4. Webtoon Database.
  5. Light Novel Database.
  6. Top Manga List.

And in “Characters,”

  1. Top Loved Characters.
  2. Top Hated Characters.
  3. Browse all Characters.

Lastly, In the section “Community.”

  1. Forum.
  2. Anime Reviews.
  3. Manga Reviews.
  4. Custom List.
  5. Challenges.
  6. Site news.
  7. Discord Chats.

So check the section in which you want to get in and amuse yourself greatly!

Is There Any APK App For Anime-Planet?

Yes! The anime-planet has worked great over its online presence, and that’s why they’ve made an application that has the same content as that of the official website. 

You’ll get the following from this App.

  • High-quality data.
  • Simple and Easy UI (User-Interface).
  • Anime Movies, Manga, Best and Worst collections of characters, Newly released movies, and much more.
  • No need for registration to get in.

Here, We’re going to insert the link to the site from which you can download this 

File Of Anime-Planet easily.

Are There Any Proxy Websites For Anime-Planet?

Yes! Anime-Planet have some proxy websites from where you can enjoy Anime related movies and shows. Basically, Proxy sites are the urls of that particular domain that have full authority to present the content from the original website, and that’s why it is considered as the backup plan for websites.

Here we’ve mentioned some of the urls of Anime-Planet, where you’ll get huge numbers of movies, shows, manga and anime shows.

  1. anime-planet.proxybattle
  2. anime-planet.allanime

Top 5 Alternatives Of Anime-Planet

1. Ani-List

One of the best alternative to the Anime-Planet is the Ani-List, where you can thousands of anime shows, movies, cartoons,  and on-shots for free by simply navigating here. 

The categorization of this platform is also similar to the Anime-Planet, and You can easily find the show you’re searching for impatiently. So, click the link and explore the site now!

2. KissAnime

Another best alternative to Anime-Planet is Kissanime where you can watch a huge variety of content in dubbing and Subtitles which makes it much easier for anime lovers to watch and enjoy their shows.

Although the UI of this piracy website is also Next-level basically it sneaks the content from authentic websites through streaming. So be careful while using this type of website. Explore it from the link inserted here!

3. Kitsu

Kitsu is also a great replacement for the theAnime-Planet where you can watch and the enjoy highest rated, most popular, upcoming, and very latest anime shows, cartoons, comics, on-shots and manga.

The subtitles and managing system of this platform get the attention of most of the audience. So, The link to the official website has been inserted for your ease!

4. GoGo Anime

Looking for alternatives of the Anime-Planet and didn’t know about gogo-anime? 

Let me introduce this incredible site to you guys!

Gogo anime is the platform which streams content from authentic platforms and stores them for its audience for free. You can have access to this site by simply browsing for it or clicking the link we’ve inserted here.

5. Anime Heaven

Lastly, We’ll recommend you Anime Heaven which is a great choice to follow. The waay the assort the data and categorize the movies into the most relevant category is really wonderful.

Besides all these positive features, Remember that This website doesn’t have any legal way of presenting content, and that’s why it is a piracy site which can bring malware viruses to your device. So try to use VPN, Ad-blocker or Anti-Virus to keep all types of spyware attacks away from your private data.

Greatly Believing, That you’ve got the most suitable website for watching your anime. Also, Don’t forget to use the precautions we’ve discussed above.


Is Anime Planet Safe?

Yes! Anime planet is totally safe to use because it has been noticed by Crunchyroll and some other authentic platforms to present their content for free. That’s why Anime-Planet is totally safe to use.

As this website is working as a partner of the most authentic platform, So it can be considered legal, but majorly it’s streaming the content and presenting it for free, and somehow, it is benefiting the organizers of that movies/Shows. 

That’s why it is legitimate. For your information, In some places like India, Such websites aren’t accessible; for those using VPN is the best solution which we’ve explained above in great detail.

Does Anime-Planet Have Official Social Accounts?

Yes, It does! Anime–Planet has many social accounts where they update their audience with every minor detail and help them with the issues they are facing. Here, We’re going to insert the official Twitter and Facebook accounts of Anime-Planet. So that you can simply click over them.

Our Final Thoughts About Anime-Planet

Leading towards the end,

Anime-Planet is the best online platform having a vast collection of anime movies, episodes, manga, comics, and one-shots in HD quality for free.

However, using VPNs and Ad-Blockers can avoid every single chance of getting scammed by hackers, as we’ve explained above. So, Go and take a look over there, plus start enjoying your favorite anime Now!

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