🔰What Is Midasbuy? | How To Buy UC (7 Easy Steps)

Playing Online Games by unlocking new features is a great fun which almost everybody desires. But some of the fancy things aren’t free, and you’ve to purchase them, like UCs in PUBG and so on. Such game have their own currency, but you need to buy them in exchange of real amount.

The name of this platform is Midasbuy, Which is a top-up center of popular video games, music, videos and other entertaining sources. PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and WeTV are most popular games it has linked with.

Also, Midasbuy performs a great role in purchasing plans of such platforms. Like you can make purchase of UC (Unknown Cash) of PUBG Online Game from here, and it is one of the trusted place also as PUBG allows to get transaction from, as you guys can see the discussion on Quora– A Forum-based site.

If you want to buy that stuff, Then Chill out! Because you’ve landed on the right page. Here, We’re going to share an amazing source from where you can perform this transaction easily.

So, Basically, it’ll give you cheaper rates as compared to in-game and also vary from place to place. You’ll get excited by knowing that these platforms are linked with Midasbuy.

  • PUBG Mobile
  • WeTo
  • Chimerland
  • Daring Dawn

Now, you might have been curious about the transactional procedures of midasbuy. Don’t Worry! We’ll definitely discuss this procedure with every minor details.For the time, All you have to do is to, Stick to the End!

Features Of Midasbuy – Don’t Miss The 3rd One:

As we’ve discussed the incredible purpose of this platform, Now let me introduce the other features of this top-up center site.

  • The Interface they’ve made is superb easy, and anyone can proceed with it.
  • You can buy UC in pubg at extremely low prices, which is another great feature.
  • They Have managed the customer support also, So you can simply Contact them whenever you want.
  • Another great thing about Midasbuy is that, Buying RP (Royal Pass) is also available here.
  • As soon as you buy a plan, They start proceeding.

How To Buy UC Of PUBG From Midasbuy?

Now let’s dig into the main point which may interueges all of you the most, How to make purchase of UCs of pyubg into the lower rates? Here’s the explanations!

  1. First of all, you will need to create an account on the Razer Gold – A website which is a virtual credit platform that allows you to buy Razer Gold and spend it with a number of partners to avail exciting offers, promotions and earn Razer Silver.
  2. Here, You need to proceed by clicking over the add money and start using any of the transactional sources, including Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  3. Now, You have to Copy the Character ID to which you will add UC for later use.
  4. Go to the Official Website of Midasbuy ans search fro the PUBG mobile game.
  5. Here, you’ve to put the character ID you’ve copied recently, and the system will redirect you to specific page.
  6. After Loading, This Page will be appear to you where you’ve to choose the package they’ve made for you guys and fill the other details like country (region), Phone number and so on.
  7. Select the Payment platform and the required detials by clicking over the “Purchase” Button.

And Wala! The desired UCs will deliver to your account swiftly. Also, Fix it in your mind that, You can have the same procedure to buy Royal Pass here!

PUBG from Midasbuy
Source: Midasbuy

Where To Get Connect With The Midasbuy?

Although, You can simply browse for midasbuy or click the link we’ve inserted above, But there are some other platforms where midasbuy has great kind of presence. These Social Media Accounts not only grabs the audience but also increase the believing and trust rate. Here, We’ve pasted the link of these platforms,

Also, You guys can E-mail them at this address, help@midasbuy.com, as you can see at the bottom of their Home Page. There are some other sources also from where you can get attached to this site.

Is There Any Midasbuy Application?

Yes! Midasbuy has an Application where you guys can have the exact same features like that of application and can enjoy by using sucg principles.

Here’s the Link to the Official Application Of Midasbuy, So Feel free to click if you’ve made-up your mind to use it. Also, There’s an option to scan your QR code from the mobile to access the app, which you can get by clicking the link above.

midasbuy Application


1. What Is The Transactional Method Of Midasbuy?

Midasbuy is a great source of getting RP or UC in different games for lower rates as compared to the actual rates mentioned in the game. So, here are the platforms to whom they are connected and receive the amount to operate the procedure. These platforms include, Paypal, Razer Gold, Credit Cards, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, and Google Pay. Start purchasing the RP or UC from the method we’ve explained above, and enjoy!

2. Is Midasbuy Safe To Use?

Yes! According to many users this site is totally safe to use and especially for PUBG, because they’ve already linked this site and thus you can buy the requiring unknown cash to unlock the fascinating things like the weapons or costumes. You can also check here about the Safety of this site.Also the source of payment is legit, and the way they proceed is also very considerable. So feep free to click the link we’ve inserted and to do transaction.

3. Is Midasbuy Legal?

Midasbuy is the top-up center which seems to be illegitimate, but as the sources like PUBG has given them authority, so it is safe to use. Now, here comes the point, If any of the source is banned in the country, Then using midasbuy will also be considered as illegitimate like that in case of India. PUBG is banned in India, which is why using Midasbuy to play pubg and unlock features of pubg will also be considered as illegal.

Our Finale Thoughts About Midasbuy:

Midasbuy is an amazing source of buying Unknown Cash from entertaining platforms like PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Daring Dawn, Chimerland, and WeTV. The way they do transactions is amazing as they’ve linked Paypal, Razer Gold, Credit Cards, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, and Google Pay.

So, If you’re a PUBG player and want to unlock the fancy and next-level stuff from the UC, then what are you waiting for? Go and Click the links we’ve inserted above to get connected with the Midasbuy and Enjoy.