Everything You Need To Know About PrimeWire – Top 5 Alternatives Of Primewire

In the present time, nobody has to spend their money and time on their favorite show as they can simply enjoy it from the online free platforms like the one we’re going to discuss here.

Primewire is an online streaming platform, having a huge library of dubbed and subbed movies and series in HD quality for totally free. 

But, the ads on this piracy website can lead you to some unsafe pages, which are really annoying for users. Anyways, Let me introduce the amazing functionalities of this site.

Primewire is a piracy site like 123 movies, Putlocker, and Yesmovies, which have great numbers of Hollywood, Bollywood, South Asian, Telugu, and Indian movies and series of appreciable quality. 

The genre is also very managed by primewire and a wonderful library full of Horror, Action, Adventurous, Comedy, Romantic, and Soap content. The cheerful feature is you’ll get high-quality content for free! 

But Alongside all these features, Don’t forget that Primewire is a piracy website that basically streams the content of fully authorized platforms even without having a license if show such content. 

That’s why many countries have strict restrictions over the copyrighted stuff that the viewer and the uploader will get punished for involving in such activity. 

However, Some Countries don’t face such prohibitions due to inferior strictness over rules and regulations. That’s why the point of being legitimate is justified by your county’s law.

Another thing is the Safety of this site which is also a highly noticeable factor by the audience.

In my opinion, One of the negative points of this piracy website is the Ads, which will redirect you to unsafe page that has a great threat of bringing malware viruses to your devices. 

As you can see, According to Scamadviser, The trustscore of primewire isn’t appreciable. And that’s why you must have to take some precautions before visiting here.

The huge drop in the safety score of Primewire may be because they’ve not optimized the content as others do, and I think so; having more competitors that are working on those factors which aren’t updated by primewire is the key to their success and reason behind the fall of this torrent site. 

But overall, the stats are normal– neither too decreased nor increased, as you can check from Similarweb, where the engagement rate has dropped only upto 40%, which is quite fair.

We know that this website is illegal; that’s why you can face some serious issues like getting banned from the government or Might be your IP address will be restricted by ISPs of your country. But Calm down! We are here to share some magical and simple methods to watch movies safely.

How To Watch Movies And Series Safely Over Primewire?

Watching movies and series at home is always of great focus for cinephiles, but safety should be the first priority. So, Let me tell you the best safety cautions you’ve to look for before visiting Primewire.

1. Install The  VPN First To Avoid Malicious Viruses

In many countries, including the United States, streaming is not allowed, and the one who broadcasts or uploads such content online can be caught by the government and have to face some serious punishment like being a prison for years, or your IP address may get banned by the ISP. 

That’s why A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to encrypt your data and to switch your location at the particular place where streaming is normal.

Take a look here; we’ve fetched some Top-notched VPNs for you guys!

2. No More Stop Pop-Ups Download The Ad-Blocker Now!

As we’ve discussed that the ads on primewire aren’t safe, and they can definitely be brought bugs to your device that can interrupt your data privacy. Many cyber crimes like spyware attacks are held through accepting the cookies or clicking over the window or ads coming up on Primewire.

That’s why we thought to mention the top-rated adblockers that’ll keep your device clean from phishing pop-ups and will secure your private data. So Check them out!

3. Use Anti-Virus Before Visiting PrimeWire

Another amazing security technique is to install an anti-virus into your device. As specified by its name, Anti-Virus will keep the malware viruses and hacking bugs away from your device. 

It’ll encrypt your private data and increase the standability of your device to fight spyware and malicious attacks.

Want to know some incredible Anti-Viruses? The list is given below!

How To Watch The Content On The Primewire?

If you’ve installed the safety precautions into your device, Then congrats! You’re ready to watch movies here. You can simply browse here or can visit from the link we’ve inserted here to the Official website of Primewire

1. Proxy Websites Of The PrimeWire

Proxy websites are the best plan a platform can do because it works as a backup plan for them and the audience didn’t distract from their identity. Basically, Proxy urls have the authority to present the content of the official website. That’s why Primewire has a lot of domains on which the same movies and series are available, like that of the original Primwire.


2. Is There Any APK App For PrimeWire?

Yes! There’s an incredible application of Primewire through which you guys have an opportunity to watch movies and series even when the official website is banned by the government.

The Features of this app include:

  • Fast loading speed.
  • Ultra Pro Quality of content.
  • No Subscription or Registration is required to get into this application.
  • The same content as that of the official site is stored here.
  • The upcoming and latest movies and Series are featured to amuse the audience.

Here’s the link to the file from which you can download the Official Application Of PrimeWire, So Let’s explore it!

Categorization Of Primewire

As we all know, Primewire has specified the data into great management, which is why this  pirated website is very valued by users.

They’ve assembled the movies into many groups named Genre, Country, Home, Movie, Trending, and TV series.

You can select the one you’re interested in and can find your fascinating show easily. Isn’t it a Time-Saving feature?

Classification Through Genre


Diversification According To County-Wise

ChinaCzech RepublicDenmark
Hong KongHungaryIndia
NetherlandsNew ZealandNorway
RussiaSouth AfricaSouth Korea
ThailandTurkeyUnited Kingdom

Top 5 Alternatives Of Primewire

Another way of watching movies for free, without any cost in excellent quality, is to switch to the alternatives of primewire. Because of being illicit, It can be taken down anytime. That’s why you must’ve to look for another great substitution for this piracy site. So, Visit the one you like the most!

1. 123-Movies

One of the best alternatives to Primewire is the 123-Movies because of its next-level similarities with this site. You’ll get Horror, Thrill, Action, Adventure, Romance, and Comedy on this site, which is streamed in HD-Quality and in Hindi Dubbing along with subtitles in many languages.

Also, they provide the most trending content. So, the link has been inserted here. Go and Explore this torrent site now!

2. PutLocker

Another great substitution for the Primewire is the PutLocker. The relevancy of both these sites will fascinate you.

Be ready for the Huge library of movies and series on putlocker, the same as that of Primewire.

Also, the ads here can disrupt you while searching for the movie, but once you’ve started your show, there’ll be no interruption.

The link to the official site is pasted here for you guys. Let’s have a look over PutLocker!

3. Yes-Movies

Talking about one more replacement of the Prinewire. Yesmovies have streamed Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood, South Asian, Telugu, Turkish, and many other contents in good quality, which is totally free for their users. 

But If we talk about the safety of this site, then it isn’t sure because yesmovies is also illegal and can have ads that’ll redirect you to irrelevant or adult-content pages, which is extremely annoying.

So using VPN, as we’ve suggested to you in the above section, and then visiting Yesmovies or any torrent site will not hurt your private data. Check the link above!

4. 123-Series

Just like Primewire, 123 series is also an amazing site have numerous features. The interface of this piracy is also very user-friendly, like that of primewire, which falls the audience in love with this torrent site. 

You’ll get many categories of movies, series, and TV shows here. So, Go and take a look over them from the link we’ve inserted here!

5. KatmovieHD

Lastly, We are going to put forward this piracy site which has incredible features and layout for its users and is surely considered as the alternative to Primewire.

You’ll have an option for Quality adjustment here, which ends at 1080p, and after applying these filters, you can download movies and episodes of your series from katmovieHD.

Also, they’ve dubbed and subbed Hollywood, Bollywood, South Asian, Korean, Chinese, and Turkish content in High Definition quality. Basically, they stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar, Zee5, Ullu, and many other authentic platforms that sell their content.

But KatmovieHD has made it easier for their users to watch freely on this site. Besides all these golden features, the ads pop-up here is so bad and unethical they can redirect you to the usual pages. 

That’s why you must have a VPN or Ad-blocker and Anti-Virus installed on your device before visiting this torrent site. We’ve inserted the direct link to this site, so simply click over it and start watching your favorite show now!

Hope so. You’ve got the best alternative of Primewire and have installed the cautions we’ve introduced to you.

So, What are you waiting for?

Grab your favourite snacks, Sit back, and start watching the most trending show now!


1. Is Primewire Safe?

No! All types of torrent websites aren’t safe as your device can face many security errors. Also from the Scamadviser, you can take ideas about the safety of this pirate website.

Always use the causes mentioned above for a smooth and safe flow of your movie from unethical sources.

No! Primewire is an online pirate platform that streams movies and web series from authentic sources and presents them in crystal quality and dubbing-like features so that no one has to buy a ticket a go for spending their money in the theater hall. 

This is why there was a huge decline in the cinematic audience and that’s why many authorized countries have banned such kinds of websites and consider them Illegitimate. 

So, Primewire is also one of them, and that’s why it isn’t legal!

3. Does PrimeWire Have Official Social Accounts?

Yes, It Does! Primewire has an Official Facebook and Official Twitter account where they guide and update their audience with every short detail or change they made on their official websites. You can visit these platforms by simply clicking on the link we’ve inserted here.

4. Is There Any Contact Support By Primewire?

Yes! You can have the contact support of the primewire by navigating to the end of their home pages. However, we’ve linked the Contact Page of Primewire here, So that you can simply click here and can talk to the management directly. They have an email system, tell them whatever you’re facing the problem and Enjoy!

Final Verdict

Moving towards the end,

Primewire is a piracy website, Streams content from almost all over the world and presents it in HD quality without taking a single penny.

However, The quality drops sometimes or the ads popping here can ruin your broadcasting. Also, there’s no guarantee of their safety tactics as primewire is illegal.

That’s why We’ve put together mind-blowing strategies to watch movies here safely.

Must check and implement them!

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