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Searching for a movie streaming site for free? Then chill out! Because you’ve landed on the right page where we are going to discuss an excellent site having numerous features and pros along with its alternatives. 

Rainierland was a pirated website that streamed movies of different genres in the dubbing of many languages for free. Copyright stuff was uploaded here, which is illicit.

Unfortunately, this website was banned by government officials because of streaming content from authorized platforms and uploading it for free. The owner of rainerland, Rainier Tamayo, wasn’t hiding his identity due to which he was arrested for many years in prison.

That’s why the government of many countries has taken down this website. And when you click over the movie to play, it’ll be stuck, and an error will display on the screen. 

Besides all these cons, Rainierland is safe to use as it’ll never redirect you to an inappropriate page through ads where there’s a threat of spyware attacks on your device. Scamadviser is showing the trust-score, which is, somehow, acceptable for watching movies on piracy sites.

There’s a huge library of the latest and most trending Hollywood, Bollywood, English, South Asian, Korean and British movies and TV shows. The layout of this torrent website is managed efficiently so that you can select the specific genre among the great variety of movies and series.

Having a site with HD-quality content and no distraction by the ads without any cost is a blessing for movie lovers, but worse luck, It has to shut down because of illegitimate acts.

The layout is very user-friendly, and that’s why a huge chunk of movies lover is diverted toward this site. Here, we’re going to share the way of managing the content by rainierland, so Read On!

Categorization Of Rainierland

Rainierland has systemized the content very well, due to which you’ll start watching your favourite type of movies without wasting time. They’ve stored the content in the sections mentioned below here, 

TV seriesTrending
Android AppMore

However, there are many other options in “More” from where you can also download the movies and series for free. 

Another great news is that this site is maintained for almost every device and that’s why you can download your favourite movie on your PC, Mobile, Computer, and other gadgets.

Want to know more features in this section? Then the information given is for you!


A Great Assortment Of Genres In Rainierland

There is a great variety of genres on this torrent website which makes it much easier to simply click over the type you want to watch, like horror or comedy shows.  Check out the given table for an in-depth understanding.


Having such an incredible feature will not cover their unlawful As this website is not working on a good thing, That’s why it has been banned for a long time ago.

But Don’t worry; we are here to share some effective tricks for watching movies and TV shows for free online. So, Stick with us!

How To Watch Movies On Rainierland?

As we’ve discussed that this website is no longer active and working smoothly, That’s why many users aren’t getting access to watch movies here. But you can watch the free series here by following the methods we’’’ explain below. So, continue reading.

Watch The Content Of Rainierland Through Their Official Application

Rainerland is an amazing source of enjoyment by which you can watch a number of movies, series, and TV shows, and that’s why they have a great appearance on the internet. You can download their official application where the same content as that of the website.

Here, We’ve pasted the link to the APK Application of Rainierland, So that by simply clicking over this link, you’ll be headed toward the downloading page, and there’ll be no need to google for it. There are some other options also from which you can watch and download these movies on any device.

Almost every device which can navigate over the rainierland is able to download movies/series/TV shows from their official/proxy websites, but these methods may be a little tangled for a beginner and, That’s why they’ve some other options for their users.

You can download content from rainierland through the following apps

You’ll get the following Features from these above-mentioned sources:

  • The most latest movies are updated here on a regular basis.
  • No ads will interrupt your broadcasting.
  • It is compatible with many sources like Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Mi TV Stick, and Android TV Devices.
  • High-Quality content is stored here in a vast collection.
  • Iphone, Ipad, and iPod users can also use this site, but the minimum requirements are  you must have iOS 11.3+ and Safari Browser.
  • Downloading movies in Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, and Win XP is very easy from rainierland.
  • And if you’re looking for the Fire TV, then the Minimum Requirements include the Silk Browser.

Use The Proxy URLs Of Rainierland To Access The Same Content As An Official Website

Proxy URLs work as a backup plan in case torrent websites get struck. Where the post has the same streamed content, but the domain is changed.

Like other pirated websites, Rainierland has also managed the proxy sites, which is a great step for the loyal users and Fanclub of this platform. Here, we’re going to share some of the mirror sites where you can easily broadcast the trending content of rainierland.


Install The VPN Before Visiting The Official Website Of Rainierland

Activating VPN (Virtual Private Network) first is an outstanding way of watching movies and series from the official website of Rainierland because it’ll eliminate every titchy chance of getting scammed by this site as it’ll encrypt your private data. Also, Your location will be switched to that particular place where such websites are legal or the laws aren’t strict enough.

You’ll get the best listing of VPNs here, That’ll surely secure your data and cover all the factors you’re willing for. So, take a look below!

  1. NordVPN is one of the amazing and top notched VPNs which allows you to watch pirated movies without any fear.
  2. AtlasVPN will encrypt your data in an amazingly reasonable package and will switch your location also.
  3. SurfShark, A top-rated VPN, will block all the interrupting pop-ups and ads along with shuffling your position on the internet and securing your private content in very fair deals.
  4. Ivacy-VPN still has a New Year offer in which  You’ll get high security for your sensitive information, your IP address will no longer be under threat, and all the cookies will be cancelled by privacy.
  5. CyberGhost is another great option to get the fastest speed of working and securing your browser history and private data from malware attacks. You can fortify 7 devices from one subscription.
  6. Express VPN, The competitor of nordvpn, has hundreds of features and will save data with great concentration.

Here we go! Almost all the easiest and most applicable methods are described above for your ease. But due to strict restrictions on this torrent website, maybe you’ll get some obstacles on your way to accessing rainierland.

Don’t worry; We’ll have another way for you guys. So, Check it out!

Top 5 Alternatives Of Rainierland

Another option for watching movies and series online for free, even after applying the above-explained methods, is to switch to the mirror websites of rainierland, which will have almost the same content for their users. Take a look here!


One of the amazing alternatives to rainierland is the movies4u, where you can watch Bollywood, Bengali, English, Gujarati, and Hindi dubbed movies in a vast listing.

The categorization of this platform is so simple, which makes navigating very easy.

You can have the newly released movies in  HD quality here, along with their Telegram channel. The link to movies4u is inserted here for your ease.

Link to the Official Website


Another Top-notched alternative to Rainierland is the putlocker, where you can have high-quality movies and series from platforms like amazon prime, Netflix and Disney Hotstar.

They have new streaming strategies, and that’s why the quality of content is very appreciable. You’ll get Horror, Comedy, Romantic, Action, Biography and many other genres at putlocker. Go and explore it now!

Link to the Official Website


F-movies is also an exciting platform having Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Telugu, and south Asian movies/web series/ TV shows in Hindi plus many other languages for their users. You can have top-rated movies here in crystal quality.

Its working is very similar to the rainierland, and Fmovies is totally free to use there’s no need for any kind of subscription; all you need to do is explore this site by clicking the link we’ve pasted below.

Link to the Official Website


Are you in search of old but famous movies? Then this website is made for you. Because they have streamed the most trending and the old but very likeable movies in their huge collection.

Every movie lover wants good quality sound and pictures, which is fulfilled by Xmovies8 greatly. Check the link below!

Link to the Official Website


Ultimately, Cmovieshd is a fantastic substitution for rainierland because of its next-level relevancy. Almost all the movies and series are assorted here and you can have the High Definition content streamed here.

Cmovieshd has social media presence also but no doubt this website is also a torrent website which sneaks into the struggle of others for their benefit. However, the link to this site is pasted here. 

Link to the Official Website

Hope so, You’ve got the site according to your taste from the list we’ve assorted here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and Grab the movie which intrigues you the most!


No! Rainierland isn’t a legitimate source of watching movies and series online because it is streaming content from highly authorized sources without having any license. This is considered as sneaking the data of others because your broadcasting isn’t benefitting the owner of movies and that legitimate platform.

That’s why many ISPs have prohibited visits here. Continuously navigating on rainierland will drag you into the problem in which your IP address may get banned by the government.

2. Do Rainierland Have Social Media Accounts?

No, it doesn’t! You may have seen their insta or Twitter account, but they aren’t posting anything over there, and that’s why there’s no source of getting updated except for reading blogs about rainierland.

3. Is Rainierland Safe To Use?

Yes! This website is completely safe to use because the ads here will not redirect you to immoral and inappropriate pages where the bugs are ready to blow up your data. As you can see above, the trustscore from the scamadviser is pretty good to tolerate with this site, but precaution is always better than cure, So you must’ve to activate VPN before switching to rainierland. Go and take a look above, where we’ve mentioned the most famous and outstanding VPNs to secure your content.

4. From Which Sources Can We Download Movies From Rainierland?

Almost every device can download movies and shows from their websites, but they’ve some other options for their users.

You can download content from rainierland through the following applications.

  1. Fire TV app
  2. Android App
  3. iOS App
  4. Windows App
  5. macOS App
  6. Android TV app


Summing up the article,

Rainierland is an illegal piracy website which streams movies, series and TV shows from platforms like NetFlix and is safe to use. But the official website has been banned and that’s why there are some obstacles in accessing this site.

However, you can watch your favourite movies of rainierland by sitting at home from the methods we’ve explained above in a well-mannered way. So, Go and check it out!

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