🔰Detailed Guide Of SPSC (Sindh Public Service Commission)

Working and serving the nation is the dream of almost every loyal citizen, which is why there are number of levels at which they can perform this act.

From these  opportunities, One of them is the seat of SPSC. So, If you’re interested in it, then Chill out! Because you’ve Landed on the right page. Here we’ll discuss every minor detail about this service. So, Just Continue Reading.

SPSC (Sindh Public Service Commission) is a provincial agency of Government of Sindh having positions of 1 Chairman & 9 members, who manages recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats.

That’s how you can also think about this service if you’re willing to work for the country and can have the responsibility of managing the country falls on the chosen minister, the Members of the National Assembly (MNAs).

You’ve to focus on the logic of making this foundation which is to establish a competent, efficient, professional, authentic and responsive Public Service to meet the challenges along with to act without fear or favor ensuring functional independence, political neutrality, accountability and integrity, SPSC has made. Currently This position is filled by Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani.

As this management isn’t a child’s play, so they’ve to look prover the Civil Officers for the assistance. You’ll have a number of job vacancies from SPSC every month, from which you can choose the one which intrigues you the most and can apply for it.
These major jobs consists of the following,

  • Engineering.
  • Police.
  • Education.
  • Medical.

However, There are some sort of criteria of the users on which they accepts the letter/application of the candidate and decide whether he/she is eligible for the post or not. To know these factors, Stay With Us Till The End!

Eligibility Criteria Of The SPSC – Must Check Before Applying For The Job!

Every legitimate institution has the standard through which they bring in the candidates and hire them. So That, There are some specifications of the SPSC also through which they make up the pan to let this applicant in or not.

So, If you’re looking for the interview or filling the application form, then checkout these things to see whether you’re eligible for this post or not.

You must have to be a citizen of Pakistan for this job.

The age must lie in between 21-30 years, and for those, who served previously for the Government of Sindh, The age limit extends to th 35 years.

The minimum study required is the Bacholers’s Degree.

Should be a domiciled and permanent resident of Sindh.

Feel Free to fill the requiring bars for the application as these are necessary to fill up. Also, make sure to put the authentic information only and fill the online or physical form before the deadline with no exceptions.

So that once the deadline is missed, it’s gone. However, sometimes the government does extend the deadlines for some jobs, but it’s not a regular practice.

How To Get Registered For The Job Over The SPSC Official Website? Step-By-Step Guidelines!

Whatever purpose do you have, The first thing on which you’ve to look upon is the Registration of Sign-Up over the official site of the SPSC, which is explained here in a well-mannered way. So, Check it out and Must Follow them!

Create An Account First:

The first and foremost step is to create an account on the SPSC Official Webiste, which can be done by navigating here through the link we’ve iserted and now filling the bars requiring,

  • NIC number.
  • Valid Mobile Number.
  • Authentic E-mail Address.
  • And The Strong Password.

Set-up The Profile:

The most second step is to set up the profile, which can be done easily by Giving Your Personal, Educational, and Recent Job Information. That includes a lot of things.

Make sure all the data you’re putting is authentic, and the people can approach you over there. These information’s may includes

  • Your Full Name.
  • Certificates.
  • Address.
  • Domicile Details.
  • Your Board/ University.
  • The Previous experience you’ve in workings.

Submit The Requiring Challan Fee For The Job Application:

As we’ve mentioned above, that there are some limitations and the criteria of the platforms and if you sets best and fill all the needs of that frame, Then obviously, the chances of getting that job will increases.

The point of revising all that stuff is that; Their requiremets includes The “Challan Fee,” which is upto 1000RS and can be paid by NBP (National Bank Of Pakistan).

So, Download the Challan form. Fill the Challan number, Amount, and Centre for the test. And That’s all! Submit the fee into the bank we’ve mentioned here.

Get The Roll Number Slip From The Web Portal:

Although you’ll get the slip at your address from the SPSC on which the date and details of appearing at the spot will be mentioned and will work as a confirmation sign from the platform. However, You can also Download from their Official Website by following the steps we’ve put together.

  • Navigate Over The SPSC site, Put Your CNIC number and all the essential bar they require.
  • Check Whether your slip has been placed here or not, If Yes, Then simply download and take the print of it if you want a physical copy.

And Wala! You’ve successfully registered and dine with your test over this site and can Confirm it by checking the status Means, The word “Apply” will be changed into “Already Applied.”

And then, after few days, you’ll be called for the Interview and then comes the last step, which is of checking the selection for the job. You can simply visit the Portal of this site and analyze the list they’ve uploaded for the internees.

Vedio Guide:

Is There Any Contact Support Of The SPSC?

Yes! There’s a proper managing system which is working on making the user’s engagement rate good and helping them out with the errors they are facing. you can contact through email or post. You can simply get connect with them by clicking the Link we’ve inserted here or by calling on the given numbers:

spsc contact

Opening/Closing Timings Of SPSC–In Which You’ll Get Reply From Them!

No doubt, it is a government service job, but these offices also get closed or change their timings according to the days of week or the events in the countries. Some newbies get confused when they didn’t get the respond from the source, but there’s nothing to worry now that might be their off time.

So, Here we’ve highlighted them for the ease of you guys.

MondayOpen9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
TuesdayOpen9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
WednesdayOpen9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
ThursdayOpen9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
FridayOpen9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
SaturdayOff– – –
SundayOff– – –


1. How To Log-in To The SPSC?

After getting connected with this platform, if you’ve logged out, then it’s ok. Here are the ways from which you can again log-In into your profile.

  • Firstly, Click the Link we’ve inserted and get redirected at the Login page of the SPSC.
  • Fill-up your CNIC number into the bar make sure it is validate and is working.
  • Enter The Password You’ve selected while making the Profile.

And Here you go!

2. Is Registering On SPSC Free?

No! If you’re getting registered on this page in the sncerio of Job, Then you must have to pay the challan fee, which is up to Rs1000 and can be paid through NBP (National Bank of Pakistan), as we’ve mentioned above.

3. What Is The Purpose Of SPSC?

The basic purpose on which the whole setup of SPSC has been made is to uphold standards, policies, guidelines and rules of the governing selection processes, also for the appointment of the chairman, to ensure efficient selection process and to attract best possible human resource for various posts, And lastly to manage the whole system of the area.

Finalizing The Words:

Sindh Public Service Commision (SPSC) is a platform of the Paksitani Government Of Sindh, which is responsible for the selections of Chairman, policies, and securing himan sources and allow youngesters to get into this serving platform in any field.

As we’ve mentioned above, anyone completing the criteria of SPSC for the job will get a selection notice as we’ve mentioned above. Also, Doctors, Engineers, Police, or someone linked with education can join this source and can get register here from the Login, Sign-Up, Job filling form we’ve mentioned above. So, if you’ve missed something, Go and Check it out now!