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One of the great substitutions of TheNextPlanet is 24reel, where you have the movies and Tv shows from the most popular platforms. Like our discussing site, they also have high-quality data free to download, and mostly Indian content is streamed here.


There are many websites through which you can watch and enjoy movies for free, but the quality they provide could be better.

But, Thenextplanet is an amazing piracy platform with numerous OTT Series, Dual audio, Hollywood, Bollywood, and English Movies in Hindi dubbing for free.

You can Download it offline from this Torrent site.

No doubt, It sounds really good to watch the shows and series of those platforms that settled a paid plan to access that movie, and we can simply watch them on a torrent website like “TheNextPlanet,” But these pirated malicious websites bring viruses to your device.

As you guys can check, the “Spam Score of TheNextPlanet” isn’t good enough from the link we’ve Inserted here.

Due to promoting illegal stuff, there are chances that the website can be taken down anytime Because it seems to be Unethical and meaningless to get fame by updating others content. That’s why many ISPs have banned this method of promoting and watching movies/Shows/ Web series on other platforms.

 So, Thenextplanet can be banned anytime, but the good news for some users is that this website is active yet, and many people are getting entertained by this torrent website by watching newly released movies. Click the image below to get the official website of “TheNetPlanet.”


As you can see, they are managing the data in a great way by categorizing the movies according to their intent so that it becomes so easy to get your type of movies as soon as you open this website.

Let me Introduce which OTT (Over-The-Top ) series you will get from this illegal website.

From Which Platforms Do “Thenextplanet” Have Movie/Series?

This Bootlegging website streams content from various platforms, and you can explore that they have classified all the newly released movies and even Web series from famous and authentic platforms. These online plates include

Categorization Of “TheNextPlanet”

The way this piracy website has assembled the data is outstanding because it might be little timetaking for the software to get the movies assorted randomly with completely different category. That’s why they put the movies and series according to the intent. These categories include.

WebTV seriesEnglish-Movies

Another factor on which thenextplanet has focused a lot is the “YearSystem.”

You can also select the movie from the year they’ve released, and the best part is famous old movies from 1995 to newly released 2022 are compiled on a single frame.

To get knowledge about the safety of the thenextplanet, Stay here and read the information given below!

Is TheNextPlanet Safe?

No! The-Next-Planet isn’t a safe website because the content this illegitimate platform is streaming is totally prohibited. The reason behind this law is that they are selling others’ content.

Is TheNextPlanet Safe

And another thing is that We’ve mentioned the link of the ScamAdivisor–a legitimate source of getting knowledge about malware websites– where the score this site secured is only 27/100, and there’s no rating by any user. You can also check this site by clicking the image given above.

That’s why these types of websites can take you to unusual pages while downloading movies that are filled with inappropriate stuff and ads, which can take your device into different Spyware viruses, and the security of your private data is no longer safe.

Moreover, they have some harmful content for children on their site. That’s why it isn’t safe to watch movies on thenextplanet.

No! All torrent and pirate websites are strictly banned and considered unlawful in many countries. That’s why thenextplanet is also an illegal website because it also contains the streamed data from different paid sources, which didn’t benefit the owner of these series/movies, and that’s why it is prohibited in many countries not to watch and upload other’s data.  

Still, Want to start a movie here but didn’t get access to TheNextPlanet?

Don’t Worry; we are going to explain all the methods to get connected and continue your viewings on TheNextPlanet. Just read the article carefully!

How To Join TheNextPlanet?

As this website is illegal and is not supported by ISPs of many countries, That’s why it becomes hard to join this platform if this site is restricted in your region. Here we are going to share some incredible methods for the ease of our us

Activate The VPN Before Using “TheNextPlanet.”

Connecting to this website via the VPN ( Virtual-Privat-Network ) will make it much easier and more secure because VPN will definitely fluctuate your location and will switch to at the specific place where this website is legitimate. Here we’ve listed some best VPN proxies that will encrypt your private data with next-level safety.

APK App Of TheNextPlanet.

TheNextPlanet has a great online presence where you can enjoy the movie and the OTT web series amazingly on their Application. They have streamed all the unlimited movies on their apk app like that of their website.

That’s why it is an astonishing source of watching movies of thenextplanet over their application without getting panic about security issues. However, Take care while downloading this file because you can be redirected to several other pages.

You can search and find from a wide variety of archives. There are English movies, German movies, Japanese movies, Korean movies, french movies, Russian movies, Spanish movies, Portuguese movies, Turkish movies, polish movies, Chinese movies, Italian movies, and tv series.

Now watch free HD videos and movies here online. For the ease of our audience, we’ve inserted the link to the secure site from which you can easily install the 

App of TheNextPlanet.

Go and check out these incredible methods now!

Alternatives Of TheNextPlanet.

Some users have claimed that the VPN or App strategy didn’t work for them because of strong restrictions from their governments. That’s why we’ve introduced another method for the ease of our users, which is to Shuffle this site with another one.

We’ve compiled the best alternatives here, So take a look here!

1. 24reel

Another thing is that, As soon as you started movie, there’ll b no ad and any kind of disturbance. So, Go and Start your viewing now!

2. HDhub4u

Another best replacement of TheNextPlanet is the HDhub4u where the Hollywood, Bollywood, South Asian, Korean and British data is stored for the amusement of its user.


This website is also illicit  but the quality they provide is next level. Also the cklassification factor is vet managed. That’s why a huge chunk is diverted towards this site. You can also explore their, Telegram-Group.

3. World-Free4U

It is impossible to write the alternatives of TheNextPlanet and forget about the WorldFree4u where you can watch and download data according to the quality status.


Unbelievable and specific feature of this website is that they have a section for “Trending” releases. So that you can simply click over here and can start the most intriguing show.

4. MovieTorrent

This platform is also a great source of amusement and you can include it into the list of substitutions of TheNextPlanet for sure. But they have inappropriate stuff which can redirect you to some unusual sites.


Also, They have an amazing classification of data and that’s why it is so easy to grab your favourite movie in the first approach.

5. GlobbyTv

Last but not least, GlobbyTV has number of features which increase its worth and a huge chunk is diverted towards this torrent site.


The data they have stored for their fanclub is amazing so that no one get bored from this sote. They have crystal quality, ads-free and unlimited library of movies and songs to download.

We’ve inserted the links of all these websites for the relieve of our audience.

So, What are you waiting for? Explore these sites now!

Do TheNextPlanet Have Official Accounts?

TheNextPlanet has an official Telegram account, as you can see on their official website, where they’ll redirect to their channel. The basic purpose of this channel is to update its audience with current situations and upgrades.

But They don’t have a presence on Twitter and Instagram, which is pretty negative according to the trust manners. Also, to get into their Telegram channel, you have to Download it first; only then you have an approach to their account.


Heading towards the end!

TheNextPlanet is a Torrent website having Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Horror, and many other categories of Hollywood, Bollywood, South and British Movies/ OTT Web-series in Hindi-Dubbing for free.

The best part is that you can download these movies without giving a single penny, but the point is that this website is Illegitimate and can put malware viruses into your device. Take a deep breath; We’ve explained all the methods above!