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Watching the latest and high-quality content without spending a single cent on it is the dream of millions of people. This came true by the Watchfilmy in a great way.

Watchfilmy is a torrent website storing Bollywood and dubbed movies in Full HD Print Quality without taking a single penny and with a  reasonable spam score. Mostly, South Asian countries are directed toward this website.

You can watch a great number of Bollywood and South Asian content here because this website is specified for this region.

Also, the quality they provide is good enough that you don’t need to go to a theater or spend money on buying expensive packages anymore for watching the same movie over watchfilmy.

Although It is a pirated website, But the Current Status of WatchFilmy is active and the Spam Score of WatchFilmy is also acceptable, as you can see from the sites we’ve linked.

No doubt, All those websites promoting illegitimate content can get struck anytime because they’ve streamed content without the permission of the organizers, and they aren’t going to get paid by your viewing. But the rating it is getting is also incredible.

Watchfilmy.com receives approximately 257 visitors and 257-page impressions per day. This platform should earn about $0.87/per day from advertising revenue. However, The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service.

And another considerable factor is, Estimated value of Watchfilmy.com is $779.83, which is why it seems to be an immoral act that this platform is getting money by providing others’ content even without taking their permission.

That’s why this act is strictly prohibited in many countries, and the chances of a takedown of watchfilmy are so up.

You can check all these details from the link we’ve inserted above as “Current status of WatchFilmy.

Still, looking for an official website link? Stick to the End, then!

Content On WatchFilmy

The content watchfilmy provides is totally for South Asian countries as they have Hindi Dubbed, Punjabi, and Bollywood movies to a great extent. They’ve streamed so many movies which are categorized in an efficient way.


While starting this website, You may face ads and redirection to other sites. But once you’ve started the movie, There’ll be no interruption here. You’ll get the latest movies sliding over the home page, but you can also find them via searching or typing into the search bar.

However, They’ve an efficient system through which all the movies are settled.
Do you want to know the amazing working of watchfilmy and get old movies in seconds? Check the portion right below!

Categorization Of WatchFilmy

As we’ve discussed this manner already, So let’s get straight into it. The major factor they’ve focused on is the “Releasing Year” of the movies, and that’s why you’ll see all the series diversified according to the year of release.

⦁ Also, The section of “Bollywood Movies” has a great collection of movies starting from 1981 to 2022

⦁ Let’s talk about the “Punjabi Movies” area, Where you’ll get almost all the famous Punjabi movies from 2009 to 2022. The collection they’ve stored is amazing, and it’ll amuse the Punjabi movie lover with great potential. That’s why a huge Audience recommends this website because of its high-quality excellent data. See How amazing management they have for the ease of their viewers.

⦁ Lastly, You’ll also get a section for the “Hindi Dubbed Movies,” having a wonderful bunch of South Indian Dubbed and subbed movies.
The basic purpose of this classification is to make this website User-Friendly so it’s working well.

You’ll be Glad to know that there are several other online pirated websites from where you can get the streamed data in an amazing collection.

So, Be happy! Because we’re going to share some best substitutions of “WatchFilmy” right here.

Top 10 Alternatives of WatchFilmy

1. Watchonlinemovies.com

This website is one of the great alternatives of watchfilmy because it has also categorized the content into “Indian Movies,” “Hindi Dubbed Movies,” “English Movies,”

“Punjabi Movies,” “Hollywood,” and “Bollywood” movies in a well-mannered way.

This website also streams the data from highly paid websites, and that’s why the latest and high-quality series are delivered to you. Because of its extreme likeness to watchfilmy, It is suggested as the first substitution.

2. Einthusan

Another amazing replacement for watchfilmy is “Einthusan” where the South-Asian data is of basic concern. You’ll get Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and south Indian movies on this platform.

Einthusan is also a great competitor as a huge number of the public admires this website and watch a number of movies recently updated here also.

3. FreeMoviesCinema (FMC)

Searching for the best alternative to watching watchingfilmy? Here we’ve compiled a great list having this incredible website named FreeMoviesCinema. This site has astonishing features where you’ll have the series of “NetFlix,” “Hostar,” “Disney,” and a lot more.

The quality you’ll get from this website is really admirable. Also, this site is completely virus and ads-free. So you can watch movies here as long as you want.

4. Cloudy.Pk

Cloudy.pk is also a great platform where you have a number of Hollywood, Bollywood, British, South Indian, and Pakistani movies. They also have managed the data according to the release year.

The content you’ll have here is Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Romance, and Hindi Dubbing data. That’s why it is also summed up into an amazing website.

5. YoMovies

The most considerable platform for watching movies without spending a single penny is “Yo Movies.” We’ve inserted the link right here so that you can visit this site efficiently. Also, there’s a Full HD series for you to watch without getting tired.

They have featured a number of Bollywood, Dual-Audio, Hollywood movies and series in Hindi dubbing

6. YuppTv

This pirated website is good to spend your time, but the data they’ve stored is specifically for the South-Asian people. Also, you may face ads while running this site.

We’ve inserted the link to the official website of YuppTV, but they don’t have the latest content updated here.

7. Vmovee

A free platform having incredible features of High Quality, Ad-free, and a new movie is named as “Vmovee” where you can stick as long as the battery of the device becomes dead.

This free website will also offer you a great collection of Anime Online. Isn’t it amazing?

8. MovieRulzFree

MovieRulzFree is the best replacement for watchfilmy because of its resembling features from that website. Like watchfilmy, You’ll watch thousands of Bollywood movies and that’s why the online site is also for south asian societies.

9. TCB

The Cine Bay(Shortly–TCB) is also a breathtaking platform having numerous shows and movies. It specifies the “Tollywood” content majorly, but you’ll also get Bollywood’s most famous movies. This website is the heart of movie lovers in south India because of its extreme categories.

A stack of movies will seem to shuffle on the home page daily. That’s why it is also highly recommended that you guys take a lift over this online pirate website also!

10. Ice-Films

It is impossible to list the best online movie platforms and forget to mention Icemovies, Because this platform will blow your mind by providing you with really very highly paid movies for free!

This site is always updated with new shows, and that’s why the audience enjoys this site so much and loves to spend time on this website.

Should We Require VPN For Watchfilmy?

Yes! You must have to activate the VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) before using any kind of malware-threatening platform. Because it’ll secure your data excellently, and if your ISP has blocked this website, Then you can change the location and get wala! You can easily watch the movies over here.

Now a question arises, Which VPN will be best for WatchFilmy?

The best VPN for watching pirated movies online are

  • NordVPN has always been on the top for watching movies online.
  • SurfShark is also a great VPN for avoiding Viruses and watching copyrighted stuff.

Apply these proxy platforms before using such a kind of act and encrypt your data along with the entertainment without getting a headache about being caught or getting a virus into your device.

Is Watchfilmy Safe?

Yes! Watchfilmy is totally safe and will not bring any kind of malware virus to your device. Basically, These kinds of websites redirect the audience to inappropriate pages sometimes or bring data in securing viruses to the device. But Watchfilmy is totally safe. You may face disruption of ads, but once you’ve started the program, Nothing is going to interrupt now.

Does WatchFilmy Have An Online Presence? (Social-Media Accounts)

In a nutshell, No!

Watchfilmy doesn’t have a broad type of presence on an online platform. Although it is a website there’s no Application for watchfilmy where the fans can seek refuge in case it got down.

Also, there’s no Instagram or Twitter account for this website. This creates a bad impact on users as it becomes so hard for them to get updated about its new fluctuations.

Is WatchFilmy Illegal?

Yes! WatchFilmy is an illegal website Because it contains data that is streamed by paid platforms and delivered to you without any cost. And isn’t beneficial for the owners. That’s why many ISPs block “Copyrighted Content” in many countries.

Uploading, Watching, or Promoting this kind of stuff is strictly prohibited there. But still, if you watch via these types of websites, then maybe your IP address will get banned by the government. That’s how the WatchFilmy is illegal.


In the end, Watchfilmy is one of the active pirated websites having a number of Bollywood, Punjabi and Hindi Dubbed movies in crystal Quality for free. No doubt it is an illegal platform, but a huge chunk of south Asia is attracted to it.

So, activate the VPN before using these types of websites, as we’ve explained above. Also, there are a number of alternatives to watchfilmy.

As you know so far about the WatchFilmy now,  we’ve inserted the link to the official website here.  So Go and Enjoy your movie now!


We don’t recommend anyone seek a platform for free movies, Because it is totally prohibited and illegal in so many countries. We are here to give you information only and have no concerns with this website.

Still, if you want to watch movies over here, Kindly activate the VPN for data security purposes.

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