🚀 Detailed Guide Of YesMovies – Top Alternatives Of YesMovies

A number of websites are serving movies and TV shows online for free, but YesMovies is next-level, which saves your weekend from getting wasted by spending time on fake websites.

Yesmovie is a torrent website that streams Films plus Web series of Bollywood and Hollywood along with many TV shows and Documentaries in good quality for free. You’ll get 9000+ movies here.

This website was first launched on 31st– January– 2016, which was basically a team of Movieflix that switched to YesMovies, according to some readings. You can get a number of movies and TV shows streamed here, which intrigues a lot of audiences.

But the users of this site must remember that YesMovies is illegitimate because the content you’re watching here isn’t benefiting the owner of that movie, and all the credit is going to Yesmovies, which is a matter of concern for the authorities. That’s why using this website can shove you into a deep ditch of problems.

You can check the report of ScamAdviser also, which makes us believe that this pirated website isn’t fair enough to put our trust in it. As you can see via the image and the link, I’ve inserted.

Although the report isn’t good for YesMovies, Still I’ve done some dirty work for you guys to watch online TV programmes and get rid of the cable-watching system when we have such a kind of website.

Here, I’ll discuss some methods of viewing movies and series on YesMovies without having a fear of getting caught by the ISP. So, Read on!

How YesMovies Categorized The Content?

The Layout of this piracy website is very simple, and that’s why it is very User-Friendly. Another factor on which they’ve worked greatly is the Categorization of content which they have managed in an excellent way.

You’ll see the content classified here according to the given mentioned sets.

Top IMDbHome

See, How they’ve exquisitely diversified the huge amount of Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood,  and mostly British movies and series, even from highly paid platforms.

What Kind Of Variety Do YesMovies Have? (Genre)

Huge types of movies will assort here for you as it is a big entertaining platform. You’ll have the most recent and newly released programs also here. Their library has amazing Genres, including the following:

Short FilmsSitcomSports
Talk-ShowsThrillerTV shows

From Which Countries Yesmovies Stream Content?

Yes-movies has also categorized the data according to the country, which helps the audience to jump direct over the district they want to watch. Here, I’ve assembled the country list for you people.

United KingdomHong Kong
United StatesSouth Korea

Is YesMovies Deactivated?

No! Yesmovies isn’t down yet because it has an incredible point of management and data storage for their users, that’s why a lot of audiences are attracted by this website and want to watch the free unlimited data here, but due to posting the copyrighted stuff, these kinds of torrent websites are highly restricted in many countries and can be taken down any time.

Those who try to access such platforms will face a huge problem if they get caught by the government. They may ban your IP address, and Due to these prohibitions, many users lose interaction with this website.

Don’t worry; we’ll describe some best methods to use yesmovies without getting banned!

Download VPN Before Watching YesMovies– Safest Way

Pirated websites have free content, and those platforms which serve you the paid content for free have no safety packages and can use the details of their audience for nasty purposes.

However, Using Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) will eliminate the threat of getting scammed by these kinds of platforms. Here I’ve listed some best VPNs. Activate them now!


Visit The Mirror Sites Of YesMovies

Here are many ways of watching movies and TV shows on YesMovies, from which visiting the proxy and mirror websites is one.

I’m going to list some URLs of mirror websites– platforms having the same authority as that of original websites.


Install The APK App Of YesMovies

Yesmovies have a great online presence where they amuse the audience highly. You can also enjoy the application of yesmovies if you aren’t getting access to this website. The features of this application are worth taking that’s every user love it. Here I’m inserting the link of

 APK app of Yesmovies. So that you can enjoy the unlimited features of the Yesmovie App.

  • A massive library of almost 30,000+ movies and shows is stored here.
  • You can have Movies, Documentaries, TV shows, Anime, and Web-Series on yesmovies.
  • The Quality they provide is also very admirable.
  • Content is totally Free.
  • Also, there are no ads that will interrupt you while watching the show.

From Which Platforms Do Yesmovies Stream?

Yesmovies streams content from highly authentic platforms which have full authority by the government to store content for its audience. However, the yesmovie just sneaks data from these websites. The name of these platforms is mentioned below.

  1. NetFlix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Sony
  4. Disney+
  5. Zee5

Top 7 Alternatives Of YesMovies

Another way to entertain yourself through free movies is the alternatives of yesmovies which have almost the same content and features. Here we’ve compiled some best alternatives, so take a view here!

1. MovieWatcher

One of the best alternatives to yesmpovies is the MovioeWatcher, where you can watch any torrent website or TV series for free. Also, you can download these shows from this platform. The good thing is that this data is totally free and is of high quality. So go and start exploring it from the link I’ve inserted here.

2. 123Movies

Another best substitution of Yesmovies is the 123 Movies, where high-quality full HD content is stored. The criteria of classification are very admirable, and you can watch movies and TV series from Hollywood, Bollywood, South Korea, and many other districts here. Also, for children, you’ll get some famous anime movies and shows.

A great library of Cartoon movies is also stored here. So, aren’t you going to explore this torrent site?

3. CmoviesHD

This torrent website is also very amazing and has a number of movies and drama shows in different languages and dubbing for their users so that it will be easy to understand and enjoy it.

The link is attached here, which will direct you to this website. Go and enjoy it!

4. PrimeWire

It is not possible to list the best replacements for yesmovies–a pirated site, and forget about the great competitor, which is PrimeWire. This website is very user-friendly as they’ve classified the content into managed categories which makes it easier for the audience to get straight over there.

Want to visit this site? The link is pasted right above!

5. PutLocker

Putlocker is also an amazing source of enjoyment where you can watch a number of Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Animation, and Historic movies amd web series of authentic platforms.

You can enjoy a huge amount of TV programs and entertaining content here. So let’s grab your movie now!

6. FlixTor

Never heard about the Flixtor? I’ll tell you some incredible features of FlixTor, which is a pirated website also. Here you can have a thrilling list of movies and TV shows which are recently been updated to the big screen. These trending series are in crystal quality. However, the ads may disrupt you. Don’t forget; it’s also illegal, like Yesmovies.

7. Rainerland

Last but not least, The rainerland is also a wonderful platform for watching movies, TV series, Trending and latest movie shows, and many more for free. They have amazing diversification, which intrigues the audience very much.

The link of rainerland is here for you. Go and start watching now!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your favourite progerame now!


Is Yesmovies Safe To Use?

Somewhere, This website is safe, but most results have shown that you can’t just rely upon the yesmovies totally. All torrent websites can bring malware viruses to your device, and that’s why the privacy of your data is not secure enough. Also, the trust score of yesmovies isn’t trustworthy, as we’ve mentioned above. So try the precautions like using VPN before visiting this site as we aligned them above. Go take a look there.

No! The yesmovies and all these kinds of pirated websites aren’t legal, and that’s why people are not recommended to use such a platform. A question arises here, Why is yesmovies illegitimate?

This is because they stream the paid content from the authentic platform, where you have to pay to watch these movies and TV shows. However, such platforms like yesmovies sneak the content, and that’s why they have “Copyrighted” content, which is strictly prohibited by many ISPs. That’s why it is an illegal website.

Is The Yesmovies Paid Or Not?

No! The torrent website named yesmovies is free and provides content without taking a single penny from the user. However, getting logged in here can provide you with a few more features that are also free. The app of yesmovies has unlimited movies and shows which are here without any cost.

Is There Any Online Account Of Yesmovies?

Yes! There is an Official Twitter account of yesmovies where they update their audience with every single movement they make. I’ve pasted their official Twitter account link so that you can explore it. Also, they have an Apk application which is described clearly in the above section. Go check it out now!


Heading toward the end,

Yesmovies is an illegal website that has unlimited movies, TV shows, and documentaries that are here without any charge. You can watch thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood, and English content streamed here but don’t forget this site is illegitimate.

I’ve mentioned some best methods to follow and get rid of the threat of getting scammed by this torrent site. So go and read them carefully.